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Content Writing :- Adding Value to Somebody Life, and Money to Your Pocket.


There are multiple ways that you can make money while content writing!

1.) LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is probably the best domain to network and to grow your professional reach. Looking for companies, startups, and small businesses that focus on content as their key strategy is a good place to start. In most cases, companies outsource their content work to freelancers. Prospect with enough people through LinkedIn; this process will get you a few clients.

Tip: Make sure you send the people you want to connect with a connection request. If possible, add a personal note. The chances for a connection increase with a personal message as people know why you’re contacting them. Look for the decision-maker in the company as this reduces the time to sale.

2.) Social Media Agencies:

Sometimes, social media agencies are flooded with work. They tend to outsource some of their work to freelancers during such times. Connect with enough social media agencies in your city/ region and let them know that you’d be available when they have a ton of work. You could also ask them to refer some companies if they decide to pass on the work.

Tip: Building a good relationship with the CEO’s/ Content Head of these firms can be super-useful.

3.) Make a Website/Blog!

The most important thing for a writer is to have their own blog/website. It’s a platform for people to see your work. You can write whatever you feel like. It also builds a great habit of writing every day. Make sure you’re consistent. Most of them start a blog and stop posting in a few months.

Tip: You can use tools like Wix or WordPress to start your first blog.

4.) Maintain an Instagram Page:

Be active on your Instagram page. You don’t need to start a new business page. Actively keep posting about your work on your profile. This will build a brand around you. People will know what you do, and if the content that you put up is good, they’ll reach out to you. You can also connect with companies and businesses that run an Instagram page.

Tip: Look for those pages that don’t do a good job with their content. There are chances that they might be want to improve their page.

5.) Ask Friends and Family!

The easiest and fastest way to get your first few clients is to reach out to friends and family. If not, ask them for referrals and prospective clients.


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