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Today Scenario in Multi National Companies Vs Indian House’


‌Today in this pandemic situation Pharma professional’s life is getting more worst day by day, according to them Human resource department is no more stands for Humans but for sales as they are too in a race of saving their jobs. Where the MNCs are still in a favor of ” work from home ” for their employees, where on other hand Indian pharma companies are forcing their employees to work on field irrespective of the facts that medical reps and their managers are at high risk of getting infected after healthcare professionals.. And this does not stops here , many pharma companies are giving half salary , 1/4th salary, salary with no expanse, salary with half expanse etc. All these are happened in the 1st quarter of the year 2020-21 and scary part is still to come. Many of them had lost their jobs in 1st quarter itself and many are loosing now. Pressure of loosing job is a biggest threat on today’s pharma professionals which forced them to be black mailed by companies. Today even Doctors are avoiding to meet pharma professionals and many companies are threatening their employees to improve their call average. We also salute to those pharma companies who are working strategically in favor of their employees and they are also getting results on other hand. Keeping this in mind that- IF YOUR EMPLOYEE IS HEALTHY.. YOUR SALES IS HEALTHY.. This pandemic is effecting your sale now but it doesn’t mean that it will remain same..