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How can I learn more about affiliate marketing, especially how to run it without a website?


Affiliate Marketing is one of the most profitable marketing model for both brands and marketers. The reason being, it’s a result oriented marketing model. Where a marketer only gets commission if he can create genuine leads and sales. So the ROI is pretty high for Brands.

If you are looking to learn Affiliate Marketing then I would suggest self-learning and getting practical knowledge is one of the best ways to self learn anything. You don’t need any investment to get started as an Affiliate Marketer, so why wait? Join an affiliate program like ShareASale and start learning. You will make mistakes, but if you can learn from those mistakes, the success isn’t far from you.

Forum and Online Community Posting like Quora:

Find out online communities and forums of your niche audience, engage with them, provide your great insights and them recommend a product. As simple as that.

Utilizing Social Media like FaceBook and Instagram.

Social groups like Facebook and Whatsapp groups can be very powerful way to bring sales for a products like FMCG and Electronics. If you like a product share your review in your social groups with a link where they can buy it. Remember to cloak your link before you share.

YouTube Channel

YouTube channel are free to create and very good reach. If you are camera shy and don’t want to show your face on screen, you can always make unboxing videos for your favourite purchases. Whatever you buy on Amazon, make a video when unboxing it. Upload on YouTube and share your affiliate link in description.


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