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How to Start a successful YouTube channel and become a YouTuber?


You need to have a great idea for a channel. Something fresh. A comfortable niche. Starting one more gaming channel or so won’t work – all the major topics are well covered by established and professional channels already.

If you have found your idea, then you need to find related communities where you can later advertise your videos. Forums, Facebook pages, the works. You need to create accounts and start being an active member of these communities, so you grow credibility. You can’t just show up on a forum and post your videos. They will kick you out. But if you have been a valuable member for a few months, then they will give you the leeway for your planned self promotion.

You also have to generate the scripts for at least 20 videos that will cover your niche, for getting started. You should produce a few of them before you start posting the first one, so you have reserve.

Then you release the first video. Not many people will watch it. You have to start promoting it. Now you post your video on all of the communities you have prepared. The more, the better. It might even be a good idea to invest some money and advertise the video on YouTube.

Keep using these promotions until you have reached at least 100k subscribers. Then you have achieved a size that generates enough momentum and you can lessen (but never completely drop) your efforts in the communities.

As your channel develops, take care of your followers. What do they like, and what do they hate? Analytics gives you great tools for that. Experiment a bit (but be careful not to lose focus). Adapt your original idea accordingly.

Communicate with your fans. Be active in your comment pages. Answer emails and messages. Be approachable. Always.

Stay persistent. Never give up. The ride is bumpy and the road is long.

Below Are the Tips which Help you to get you clear idea how things works.

Tip #1: Develop a strategy you will actually follow

Answer this question: What do you want your channel to achieve on YouTube? Who is your target audience? Or, even more crucially, why should they watch your content? There’s a lot of good content, and a ton of terrible content out there. Keep in mind that creating your content is fun as you build your YouTube channel but it also works. You describe the voice of your channel here and your content should be consistent with that.

Tip #2: Find your niche and work out of it

It should be about one specific topic when you start your channel because you need to appeal to a very specific audience. When you’ve grown your channel and have millions of viewers who fall in love with you, you can take them on a path anywhere you want, but for starters, the viewer is just interested in the content. They don’t have the confidence in you. Do this, and remember. It is a cruel lesson to learn, but when you embark on YouTube for the first time it will help you.

Tip #3: Make a welcoming channel video/Page

Do you know what’s not cute? An incomplete YouTube profile. A visual presentation is key. Your profile photo or logo has to be set in the right place and the correct dimensions of your channel banner image have to be. The style of your video thumbnails is also other things to worry about. If you have no time to do all of this, you can hire a professional designer to do that or play around on design tools that helps. For example, you can use Canva and AppSally.

Tip #4: Mind your SEO

It’s beyond important to properly set up the SEO for your YouTube posts. Since you’ve taken the time to make your videos don’t start to slack out now. You will embed your chance to be found, seen, and enjoyed by choosing the right keywords. If you’re looking to create videos similar to one, take a look at the exact words you’ve typed in for the results. So try a small variation to see how the outcomes change, just to see if a word or two might make a difference. Study the keywords that you would like to use, their success, and the keywords that you use in your competition.

Tip #5: Custom your thumbnails that make people want to click

YouTube thumbnails are one of the most important triggers to make people click and watch your video. If you fail at this stage, how you want to increase video views? Think about it, it seems simple but it’s not. Don’t always use thumbnails that suggested by YouTube when you uploading a video. Instead get your own custom thumbnails that more uniques, attractive, and make you stand out from the rest.

Tip #6: Get engagement needed to push your video

Once people click on your video, hook them in the first 10 seconds so that they will continue to watch until the end. Apart from that, you need to be all out in the first hour when you uploaded your video. Why? This is the time when YouTube determines that your video is valuable and liked by people or not. If YouTube sees some positive signals for that video, they will help to further promote your video wider. Your video will be shown to more people.

Tip #7: Manage your community like a boss

Treat your subscribers like a boss. Don’t let them lost interest in your channel. Being socially present shows that you are available and committed to your community. What you can do is hosting a live stream. It is a perfect way to quickly connect with your friends. Live video is becoming increasingly popular, as it allows you to directly engage with your audience and gives off the cuff presentation a more candid one. YouTube also great for hosting Q&As so your audience can get answers back and forth to their burning questions. You can also flip it and ask your viewers in the comments to leave questions that you can then answer during the session.

Tip #8: Spread the word with a killer CTA

If you’re making your primary content for YouTube, giving your brand another home is challenging. You can certainly share your videos over other social networks, yes you should! Post about new content uploaded to YouTube all over your other social networks. The thing is, DO NOT ONLY SHARE. What you need to do is share it with a killer CTA. For example, insert “Click this link to watch full video”. Doing cross-promotion will enable you to get more views from audience outside YouTube and further spread the word about your channel.

Tip #9: Be consistent!

To see some form of progress you have to be consistent. That is your bet or hedge on instant viral success. Don’t get me wrong, it would be cool but in the least, the viral route isn’t a guaranteed one. No matter what type of content you make, stay committed to your timing and style. Set a schedule as to when your videos will be released, and try to stick to it. Releasing videos consistently on the same day and time not only tells your audience when they can expect your new content, but it also gives you a timetable to work with and follow through. Consistency doesn’t just mean timing. It’s about ensuring the on-brand content is steady.

Tip #10: Learn from your analytics

Even the best can do it better. Analytics will allow you to gain insight into the people who watch your videos, allowing you to hone even deeper into your demographic target. It will also provide you with a better understanding of why one video could have done better than another. Make the full use of them to check how your videos are performing and improve it for your channel to success.

Phew, there you go. Hope you find this helpful and do comment if I miss out on anything. See ya.

Lets talk about equipment that you will require and skill sets that need to master.


A Camera ( if you can afford ) or
A smartphone ( iphone or android ) or
PowerPoint or similar software or
A Screen Recording Software
You need just one of these to create video. I guess you already have one of these or perhaps more than one or all of them.

Video Editing software
Image creator and editing software
Skill Sets

Video Recording and Editing
Photo Editing
Speaking and voice over
Entertaining ( depends on the type of content on channel )
SEO ( If you want to be found on YouTube, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines )
Marketing ( Promotion )
I think this is enough to get you started. And Software is not an issue because video editor, photo editing software are almost freely available on Microsoft windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iSO too.

if you want to check the official Youtube Help Community then you can visit,

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All the Best .


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