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As we celebrate Independence Day, we should remind ourselves that we are responsible for the nation we are building. The British are long gone. Can’t blame them.

The buck stops with us.

Let us build a nation that is kind, tolerant, rational, and hardworking. The people who struggled against the British and suffered for independence assumed that the coming generations will handle that responsibility with good sense and grace.

We should not let them down. More than parades, speeches, and rallies, the best way to celebrate independence is to take our responsibility seriously and spread love and tolerance.

I am not saying there are no reasons to hate: If you look for them, you will find many. Let us not do that. Find reasons to spread love and find ways to make India stronger and morally more upright.

If we do that, in another 50 years, we will have a long waiting list for the ‘Indian Green Card’.

Jai Hind