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Top 10 Best Business Idea After/During COVID Crisis.


When India encountered its first case on January 30 in Kerala, the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) seemed like an abstraction — an unknown infection in a corner of China that seemed to have created a scare of sorts.

But it wasn’t “our problem” it’s was someone else problem”.

When, in early March, a Delhi resident — who had returned from Europe; whose children studied in an elite school in Noida; and who went out for a meal to Hyatt — tested positive, that abstraction became a reality for urban middle class Indians. Suddenly, it was not someone else’s problem. Covid-19 had hit home.

Six months later, a million Indians have been infected by Sars-Cov-2. Over 50,000+ Indians are dead due to the disease. And India has changed. it might take more month to flatten the curve till time vaccine hasn’t arrived.But on the other hand some of business opportunities are still growing during this crisis few of best example has given below have a look.

Business is growing in India in multiple areas. So, it is very necessary to understand about sectors in which business is exploring like anything.

1. Digital Marketing Business: Now–a- days marketing is digital. Every brand or organization wants to make its online phase stronger and also want to be in the top of search engines so that people can reach out to them easily.

To do digital marketing, Digital marketers or digital agency is required with good digital marketing skills. It is a low cost and very popular business.

2. Food Business: Food-related business is spreading it’s network very rapidly and it is very popular nowadays.

Food-related businesses include cafes, restaurants, food trucks, bakeries, etc. Today people demand a place where they can enjoy mouth-watering food and can sit properly. To open a food business is a great business opportunity.

3. Delivery solution company for rural areas: Delivery services are still not available in rural areas. It is because roads are not proper there and distance from the delivery hub is far. So it will be a great idea to open a warehouse outside city limits from where you can deliver the product to rural areas.

4. Dropshipping business: To start a drop shipping business is a very good business opportunity. In this, a customer placed an order from your website and you forward that request to the supplier and then supplier forward item to the customer directly. The major profit is we have no need to manage inventory in this and need to forward the request to a supplier to fulfill the order.

5. Real estate sector: People are migrating from rural areas to urban areas so the real estate sector is a god business sector in India.

6. Event management: To open an event Management Company is a good business opportunity. By organizing marriages, political event, exhibition, etc. one can earn good profit.

7. Internet of things: It is a large network of computer devices with unique identifiers that can be able to transfer data without requiring human to human or human to PC interaction.

8. On-Demand services: By opening services like Ola, Uber, Zomato, Uber Eats one can earn good money.

9. Franchise Business: Franchise business is a business in which the franchisor sells his product and services to a third party. In franchise business growth chance are more. There are multiple franchise business opportunities in India. Franchise business is growing like anything. We have multiple franchise business opportunities like Chokhi Dhani franchise, Online franchise, Phixman franchise, Dominos and many more.

10. Ecommerce: To open an eCommerce business is a great business opportunity. It is necessary to find out customer’s needs and then as per their demand, we can open a new eCommerce business because now everyone prefers to buy things online instead of going to market.


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