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What are Pros and Cons of Pharma’s Digitization Strategies During And After COVID-19 Pandemic? Your Thoughts?


I think any pharma sales and marketing team must be relevant to the ongoing situations of the customers and creating a working culture that results in a win-win situation for both Med. Rep. (Pharma company) and If you have a great relationship with doctors then you can do well with all the strategies, otherwise Terrific situation for newcomers. They don’t know what to do and what to not, most of the cases irritate the customers.

Recently Telephonic way and Zoom Video Call is New normal which is Adapting rapidly by all the Pharmaceutical companies. This is an expected situation in this pandemic, where every company wants to engage doctors virtually. Apart from this, a good repo is a must and the doctor should understand that picking up a phone call will be beneficial for him/her then this situation will never arise. If you have relations then also 1 telephone call in a month is enough or else Doctors are getting irritated.

 When we work on specialty or into a specific device, doctors never ignore our phone call, or else reverse call is confirmed from the other side. If You Have no relation with the Doctor, they don’t attend your digitally Invitation or telephonic way. Results Continue Calling giving the negative impact of companies on Doctors. Companies Should Understand as Every Geographic Area has its own Situation. strategies are made by people who are not aware of ground realities. Companies are trying hard and pushing sales People to connect with Doctors on digital platforms like videos from doctors on COVID.. They think everything is possible they don’t know the problem of every H.Q is different from each other. At last, they either blame the Representative or the Doctor for non-co-operation.


 But on the Other Hand, doctors are not at all faulty, Companies are implementing unnecessary policies nowadays. They have destroyed the work culture 60% of the Reps don’t have personal repo because they are not fit for their job. Most fail to present themselves not only in front of the doctor but also on others too. We have to learn and gain knowledge of the same.

On a few companies taking a video call with a higher official with Dr.and requesting for Rxs. But they Should think Dr side also he also so busy in a pandemic circumstance, if every company employees call to Dr for business Dr definitely reacted to any xyz company because of frustration. There are so many other reasons that are also there because every time rep is not responsible for all this but the company is more responsible for all this and these days it becomes more often.

On Doctors Side, they nowadays prefer a phone call and WhatsApp to remind the products rather than physical visits because of Social Distancing Norms But To Limited Extends Once a or Twice a Month.  Remember a small company in India gave Favipiravir at such economic price keeping aside all its profit. This is called compassion to save lives. Remember to bring a synergy as both needs each other for society