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What are some tips for getting the most out of Quora?


We need to first understand the USP of Quora. All the web pages have their unique objective. Like we have some web page meant for social networking, some professional networking, some are purely for e Commerce.

Similarly Quora is a global knowledge sharing platform. You have 2 options here. You can help people by sharing your expert tips and advice in your domain. Or else you can ask Questions on this platform where the relevant experts will help you by answering those Questions.

This is the basic principle on which Quora is built. Hence to make use of most of Quora, you would need to actively participate in QnA activity.

There are some more auxiliary benefits as well which are based on this design principle. These are some of the basic which i could think of Quora is a knowledge sharing site, and the best way to use it would be to gain knowledge, and also spread it. According to me, the following are good ways to use quora effectively:

  • Quora is an excellent platform for all off page SEOs. Basically you can create backlinks to your website to drive organic traffic. This is one of the most popular feature which most of the senior Quora’s use.
  • Quora space is another forum for generating views. You may write short and medium articles here. You may use your own space or be a guest contributor to some one else’s Space.

Follow topics that you are interested in, the ones you have experience in and also the topics you’d like to know more about.

Read answers, as this would help you obtain knowledge, gain perspective, insight, maybe even change your beliefs and lastly improve your vocabulary
Answer questions. Share your personal experiences and also feel free to provide your suggestions/inputs. Try providing funny, interesting answers from time to time – this’ll help you gain credits. Credits are really useful for A2A!

Ask questions!!! The best way to use quora effectively is to ask questions which you’d want answered. You can discuss your present situation under question details, and obtain people’s inputs regarding the same

Post anonymously “I’m facing a personal/professional dilemma, and I do not want friends/family/colleagues to know about it.” Luckily, quora even allows you to post anonymously

A2A: “Oh, but what if my question is not answered properly?” That’s where A2A comes in! Attach a proper list of topics with a questions, and quora will show you a list of people who have answered similar questions before. You can even check out their profiles, their qualifications, and determine if you want them to answer. If you do, you need to spend credits for A2A – That’s why you need credits. A2A, according to me, is the best way to utilize quora. I’ve used it to obtain professional advice from experienced people, and their suggestions helped me gain a lot of insight!

The best way to use Quora in my view is to answer a question respectfully being as helpful as you can – but not losing your authenticity. Through not just telling people what they “want to hear’ for upvotes, followers or popularity, but what you genuinely believe is the best answer acting in someone’s else’s best interests, through utilising your first hand experience or expertise. That is what it is about for me.

Quora can offer a wealth of information – keeping an open mind to all answers and drawing one’s own conclusions is a good way to broaden one’s knowledge. The best way to ensure this is by “asking sincere, valid questions” – not turning questions into biased statements, so all can benefit in getting the best possible answers.

Quora is not a debating forum. Everyone is entitled to offer their own perspective/experience/expertise on a question asked – if you don’t agree with it,

write your own answer.

Quora is also good for those who wish to share their interests, thoughts or struggles with others. It offers friendships and not feeling so alone (especially in these days of Covid19).

But having the option to not engage is a “great feature of Quora” – as it allows more freedom for authors who simply don’t have the time to engage with pressing commitments or do not want their valuable input misused by trolls degrading Quora.

The best way to use Quora is to use it for the right reasons. To sincerely ask questions to acquire knowledge and/or answer questions to the best of your ability being helpful; and to share common interests and friendships with others in a safe and respectful environment. Enjoy! 😊🌻

There are several ways to utilize quora. You can share your experience, knowledge, skills etc. which would help you to grow as a person and the other people would get benefits too. I saw many people get crazy over up votes and posting some trending and catchy contents just for the sake of up votes. I mean there’s nothing wrong with posting trending content but doing it just for the sake of up votes is not good. You can ask any questions, from educational to relationships anything, also you can share your experiences, it would help other people. If you are having any problem then just ask it on quora and many people will come forward and try to help you out. One thing I wanna say I saw many people google their personal problems, but I prefer quora over google for the personal problems and questions because the only difference between quora and google is, real people will come to help you out while on google only recorded content will come.

hope it help.


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