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When COVID 19 Crisis Over? In Line with New Normal.


It’s already gone for some of us. I’d say this virus is not even for some people as it’s a natures way of dealing with population and we should let nature do it’s job . Humans won’t find any solutions to it because nature itself is dealing and maybe when humans find a solution like vaccine or treatment then by that time nature has already completed its deal. Virus is already gone if you believe it doesn’t exists anymore. I know we should take precautions but sometimes our subconscious mind believes somethin and it really happens in real. This is a little bit hypothetical and superstitious sort of answer but I guess corrona virus will never affect you if you believe that it doesn’t exists.

I know this virus has turned into a global pandemic and killed millions . My country India itself is the worst hit, you should be aware and follow social distance but for me I would say I still feel this virus was a little overrated for the young generation atleast. It’s all about cold and cough and seeing the younger ones recovering rate , People can follow the same treatment themselves at home by not transfering the virus . Although I’d say that the old generation and kids could have been exceptionally restricted form doing normal activities as they have a weak immune system but not all of us .

I guess this virus never touched anyone who’s having a strong immunity system and I believe economy could have survived a little better than today if it wasn’t overrated. Working from home is definitely a good solution but how about now ? Everyone’s engaging in social activities and some are not even wearing masks and it literally feels like the virus doesn’t exist. It could be a high risky thing to say but if the entire world could have treated this virus just like a normal cold or cough then maybe our subconscious mind could have believed it and things would still be a pretty normal as want we believe it happens in real.

If you keep thinking that you’ll catch the virus, and keep acting too abnormal then it will definitely touch you otherwise I guess pretty youngsters Could deal with it. .

If everyone starts living normally then I’m sure this pandemic won’t affect things much. Why lockdown? People are already moving around, malls are already operating what happens if everything opens up? It’s the same right now and then ? Better the economy will sustain atleast. We cannot depend upon this virus to end and start the business again . The better situation will never come but the better situation is made . Likewise, if everyone just gets back to normal like As if the virus is gone then I think it won’t affect the economy and you won’t have the fear of the virus anyway.

Now what ? I know most if you’ll are thinking what bad suggestions I’m giving and what if social distance is not followed and then you get the virus. I’m not denying the fact that you’ll catch the virus you can there are possibilities but who can change what’s written in destiny right ? If you had to get the virus you would have got it staying home quarantined but if you aren’t meant to be sick then it will never touch you even if you engage yourself socially. It’s all about destiny playing it’s game .

Why are most of the old aged people dying ?

Corona virus is simply for me a nature’s way of dealing with the population. Likewise, the population globally has risen to an extinct , medical facilities are good so the old people don’t die easily even after exceeding their life age gap. I’m not saying that they should not live they ofcourse deserve to live but why aren’t many young folks dying? I know few young lives are gone too but millions or more than half a population of the deaths are atleast above the age of 50, it’s simply because nature is balancing the population and this is how the population comes in control and humans can change nothing about it. The population will be stable and limited in the end of the pandemic.

Why is there no treatment for Corona?

Simply because nature is delaling here. If we look at it carefully there is no treatment for corrona because if there has to be a vaccine of somethin to save life then the pandemic won’t be able to make changes in the population as people would still be saved . But its how nature deals even if youngsters catches the virus some return back being negative as nature wants them to live . Some don’t return back at all because nature says their time has come and nobody can stop that now.

So shall we still take precautions?

The UNO would sue me for sure if I say no. But wearing a mask , I guess it won’t stop you from getting the virus and I can’t understand the logic behind it. And to be honest nobody is taking social distance measures seriously so why are we pretending? People are still going to malls, people are still touching eachother and people are still congregating everywhere. So ? Let the economy run atleast. Everyone’s pretending after all so I’d better suggest stop this drama and get back to normal sounds a little rude but the ones who have to live will live, the ones who have to die will carry on .

Don’t take it in a negative way people but do take precautions and yeah this won’t change anything but I guess the virus is already gone if you believe it.



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