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Why is the Congress afraid of making the leader of the non-Nehru-Gandhi family as president?


The question is not from the Nehru-Gandhi family to be the president, and what problem can there be for Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi or Priyanka Gandhi to be the president. The question is why the Congress is unable to show courage to elect a non-Nehru-Gandhi president?

As far as i think ,The difficulty is not to find a new president in Congress, the problem is to strengthen internal democracy in the party, for which no one is ready. Today these questions are arising because the Congress has not been in power for the last 6 years. Congress leaders are not used to living without power. Devakant Baruah, who raised the slogan of ‘Indira is India and India is Indira’ in the seventies and was the president of the Congress till the 1977 elections, was the first to change. Vidya Charan Shukla, considered the mastermind of the Emergency, testified before the Shah Commission, the crisis is of power and it is in the character of the Congress. After the Congress lost the elections in 2019, the then President Rahul Gandhi wrote a four-page letter. In it, he said that powerful people in Congress want to stick to power, no one shows the courage to relinquish power. He had said – ‘We need to sacrifice without fighting for power and fight a deep ideological battle without which we will not be able to defeat our opponents’. But perhaps no Congress leader paid any attention to this. His view was seen in the Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh Congress in recent times and its result too. Rahul Gandhi had said that I fought on a personal level and then found myself alone.

To say this, every time an attempt was made to strengthen the Congress, it was pretended. Since Sonia Gandhi became president, the party has made committees for this work four times till now. Task Force was formed under the leadership of PA Sangma as the first committee, then after the 1998 election defeat. The Antony Committee was formed, but the report of both the committees was not implemented. During the UPA government, Sonia Gandhi formed the Veerappa Moily Committee to assess the future challenges in the Congress, which recommended restructuring and reform of the party and identified the lack of internal democracy in the party, but no action was taken on its recommendations. . Then after the bitter defeat in the 2014 elections, the AK Antony Committee was again formed, but its report has not been made public till date.

The extent of flattery is that now again the process of showing allegiance to the Gandhi family has started, that is, loyalty to the Gandhi family is necessary, not to the Congress. Efforts are also being made to give this responsibility to a trusted person. Integrity will not be of any benefit as long as loyalty remains important and a pretentious attempt will be made to make a puppet president a leader.

Now is the time to show courage to the Congress leaders and save the Congress. This should not be seen as an insult to the Gandhi family. It is important to save the house and it takes courage. Trust is victory over fear.


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