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Youtube Vs Blogging , w’ch is Better ?


As a media form matter in modern times, video is far superior to written text. If you want to prove that, ask 1000 people to either read a 5 minute article or watch a 5 minute video. This of course is about grabbing attention.
Point: YouTube

Creating a sustainable blog is far easier. You just type on a device and hit publish. This compared to creating quality video which requires a camera, lighting, sound, editing, communication skills, etc.
Point: Blog

An important point when creating content is figuring out how it will be found. For a blog you’ll put it up on your website or perhaps a place like Medium. For a YouTube channel it is obvious YouTube which is the second biggest search engine in the world. Lets look at an example. Someone is wanting to know more about cheese which is your blogs topic. If they google search it you are now competing with the entire internet to get your blog to the top of the search rankings. You’ll then need the searcher to trust your blogs name and sit there reading most of your blog article to see if the information is value. Of course videos will pop up in the google search and in fact most people just go straight to YouTube these days to learn something. There you can optimise your videos with seo, tags, titles, and thumbnails so that they look pretty regardless of their quality. Then someone clicks on it and within seconds they will see if they like you or not and then passively sit there while you teach them about cheese versus reading all the information. This all makes video a far easier experience for the user.
Point: YouTube

Making money might be an important point to you. With a blog you can monetise immediately with adsense and it will run banner ads everywhere. However, this looks horrible. If you use medium and are popular enough you’ll get money for your views. With YouTube you first need to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. Some see this as horrible, I see it as a perfect goal to make sure what you are producing is working. They then run ads on your channel and even though it annoys people they trust the platform, verse a blog that could be filled with virus’ from popups. If you are doing well in either platform you’ll tend to earn more on YouTube as you’ll have a larger viewer base to attract an audience.
Point: a tie b/w Both , but leaning towards YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world and its popularity growing every day. With over 1 billion unique monthly visitors, YouTube ranks as the most effective video platform.

Creating your very own YouTube channel other YouTube users can watch your videos. A successful YouTube Channel has many benefits for your business and your marketing campaigns.

4 Benefits You Need to know

SEO Effect

If you have a video on YouTube, then you will achieve higher rankings on search engines. Don’t forget that Google owns Youtube. Also, You have the opportunity to promote your blog or business on your YouTube channel to drive home more traffic, which helps with SEO.

Also, YouTube video performs much better on search engines than videos from other platforms and blog post.

Money and Fame

While YouTube is an awesome platform to spread your message and promote your blog, your effort on the platform can become very profitable. Some successful marketers and business owners have earned several million dollars from their videos on YouTube.

With YouTube, fame and wealth are just around the corner.

Connection with People

You may have noticed that video content it’s encourages personal connection. YouTube can let you create a much more personal connection with people like you and let them get to know you and see how you react or act in some situations.

There is something about viewing a video where you can feel like you are right there with somebody working on solving a problem. It is a different kind of feeling and it creates an intimate connection.

Creative Outlet

YouTube gives you an awesome creative outlet. It lets you do something creative and different than just pictures. You now have the opportunity to get in front of the camera and show what you can do.

It allows you to film and edit what you like doing- you can experiment with different things.

YouTube allows you to upload your videos and potentially get visibility on a large scale. The revenue and viewership may start small, but if you stick with your channel and promote it, it may eventually become one of the most-watched channels, attracting thousands of viewers and a good stream of income.

You can grow your business, your brand and your income with the help of a successful YouTube video channel.

Honestly, my opinion is this. Play to your strengths or do both as they are free. If you can’t write well (or not a native speaker) do YouTube, and if you are shy or bad on camera then be a blogger. The best thing to do is try it out and see what happens. Data and results are your best guide. Note that blogging is long past its peak high, but it is definitely still viable if you have the knack for it. YouTube will require a lot of learning and some expenses to start so keep that in mind. It is still growing in popularity, however, it has matured to a mainstream level which means that your videos will appear in searches with high budget ones so you need to be at least on an acceptable level to compete.

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